Open Portals is a fully illustrated poker-sized playing card deck by James R. Eads and can be used to play any card game. This deck is unique because each card has its own image and story. Within the box are TWO GUIDES that tell the myth of Open Portals and explain how to use the deck as both an Oracle Deck and a new energetic game of strategy and luck.

The Game is a hybrid between a classic card game and a more contemporary magic card game. In the game of Open Portals, four players represent the four Magics: TIME, LIGHT, NATURE AND SPIRIT Players use the powers of Gods to sway the balance of the game and  call upon the Mythical Kuzo and Kaaos to tip the fates of other players, all while focusing on collecting portals for points. Timing is everything in this game of infinite possibilities!



The Fractal Tree was the first form to exist in the cosmos. It has no real name and it is the map to everything that has existed within the bounds of time. Its branches spiral out into infinite timelines and realities in which everything that could happen, will happen and has.


Before the beginning of time, there was only Kaaos -  the absence of order, in which nothing could sustain itself or be created, not even time. In legend, Kaaos is often represented as a two-headed snake that whips around the abyss with no end and no order. By some miracle, in a timeless non-existent space, a force collided with Kaaos and something was created from nothing: Kuzmos, or as we call it now "the cosmos”.



Kuzo, as the first spirit, became the gatekeeper between the spirit world and the physical world. He held all of the magic in the universe and could create time and create life, and take it away. With his power Kuzo was able to create the first gods and with the magic they were given, they could open a world of portals to create endless universes.

It was in the beginning of time that The Great Mother visited the tree. The Great Mother is energy itself, flowing with light and spirit she pulses through everything alive. With an energy so vibrant and intoxicating, she caused a seed to drop from the Fractal Tree, and within the seed was Kuzo, the first spirit to live.




Natural Magic pulses through everything alive. It’s found in the mountains and deserts and the rivers and lakes. It’s in the wind that rustles the trees and the in breath of all living things. Natural Magic can be unforgiving and cruel in its nature. It is wild and domineering.  When used for good, natural magic can create worlds and change the weather for silver linings. 


Time Magic is the driving force behind it all. The perpetual hourglass is comprised of memories and events that when lumped together form what we know as life. Time magic can be cruel. It can make things drag on or go by too quickly, but it can heal wounds unlike anything else. It has the power to repair the heart and the mind, and can be used as key to understanding as long as you are patient. 

Spirit Magic pumps love through your being. It is a dance in the heart of a maze, with corridors that flow with unconditional love. Spirit Magic can be found in the darkest corners where devastating pain thrives. If you let it it will contaminate your mind and your heart. Spirit Magic flows through the soul. It is the closest thing we have to pure magic. If you pay attention you’ll see  that it’s around us every where. It can change minds, win wars and move mountains. It is what makes us human and what makes life, life.

Light Magic is found in the brightness of the sun but also in the darkest places. There is no darkness without the light. This magic burns fast and if you shine too bright you’ll find yourself dimmed and down and in need of repair. Energy comes and goes, there is a flow that you need to find in order for balance. Light magic will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. It can heal and be held, soaked up and shared. It has an energy to it that feels like fire and looks like pure magic. 


The God of Time uses the moon as guidance to keep time in it’s order. Time is uncontrollable. We are greatly affected by the things that tether us to it. The God of Time can represent our struggle to cope with time. But time can also heal and help forget. The God of Time is a character who understands how to use time to an advantage. Time can be on your side if you can learn how to let it flow in your favor. 

The God of Knowledge is the master of memory and understanding. She is compassion in all things as they exist through time. With understanding comes pain and she symbolizes the crippling power of the mind and the dark corners we want to wish away. The God of Knowledge represents a character who has an urge to seek truth, and finds themselves on the eternal quest for understanding. 

The God of Synchronicity flirts with the uncontrollability of time and the patterns in life. He can represent missed connections or misalignment with the world. He is also the good luck Jack and represents someone who is well aligned with themselves. And when you are in sync with yourself the rest seems to just fall into place.

The God of Light is blind yet brings warmth and beauty through feeling and intuition. He is the force against the darkness, but that does not mean it is always repelled. Sometimes the God of Light may decide that darkness is what is needed for resolution. 


The God of Stars is an elusive character. She sheds light on an epiphany by removing mystery and offering clarity through interpretation. She can represent someone who has a knack for misinterpreting the situation at hand. When you continue to judge without clarity, these judgments can lead you in the wrong direction. The God of Stars is level headed and bright. Trust her judgment, she can be symbolic of a Character who is decisive and has a strong sense of guidance. 

The God of Fires is two sided: he brings warmth but also destruction. He is a reminder that what you choose to do with your power will irreparably shape the world around you. Good or evil, it’s your choice to make. The God of Fires represents a character who has an intense passion and warmth. 

spades_king copy.png

The God of Worlds is the king of all physical magic. He is symbolic of your connection to the earth and your oneness with yourself and others. It is important to understand that the world around you is affected by how you walk through it and it’s existence can be temporary. It can crumble at any moment. The God of Worlds represents a bold character with an earth moving presence. They overcome their obstacles, no matter what and in doing so they often find success. 

The God of Waters is omnipresent and flows with both force and grace. The God of Waters represents someone who understands the duality of water and can use it as a form of healing. To be aware that water can nurture or water can engulf is the key to understanding the balance of it’s magic. We are beings of duality. 


The God of Life & Death is the one eyed jack, he hides in the shadows as he controls the balance of the world. At times he is death and he is unforgiving, his actions can seem random and heartless. But he is also life. People often mistake him for bad luck, but The God of Life & Death isn't good or bad but merely the balance in everything. Be aware of the give and take of it all. Know that when energy fades away it just finds itself in other places.


The God of Souls rests in between the feeling of knowing and the fear of unknowing. He finds a home in the space between the stomach and the heart of every human being. And at times he can turn you upside down and fill you with endless questions and a yearning for something  more. The God of Souls represents someone who is deeply connected to others. They have a strong sense of self and understanding of the world. They are empathetic, sympathetic and fair.


The Gods of Love are twins intertwined for eternity, they imbue the heart with magic and the soul with love. One of the twins thrives off of heartbreak and sadness. She lives in the eyes of the crying mother and the hearts of unrequited lovers. The other twin is the beauty of love. She is the butterflies in the stomachs of new lovers and the feeling of falling in love. 

The God of Dreams lives in a place between worlds and provides refuge for the weary soul. His world is boundless and the possibilities are infinite but his reality will never be real. He represents an illusion that may be distorting your reality. Know that the shroud one day will fall. The God of Dreams also represents a character who follows their passions and dreams. He is whimsical and a creative genius when his energy is channeled for good. 


There are 36 portals in The Open Portals deck. Each suit of magic has nine corresponding portals. All portals open with a downside and an upside. Each suit of portals tells the story of a Journey of time, light, nature and spirit.                                                                             


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