Terms, Cards and Moves that appear in the Open Portals Game 


GODS: Face cards (JQK) that are always playable as action cards and worth 2 points if matching an Active Magic.


LUMINARY GODS: Kings. Typically their actions can be used to make powerful, game-changing moves.


PROTECTOR GODS: Queens. In addition to their primary powers, they each have a secondary protective power.


TRICKSTER GODS: Jacks. Elusive card-burners and shape-shifters with the unique ability to be stolen or used twice when a player plays certain triples.


LINKED PORTALS: Portals that numerically match Portals you have opened in the suit of your Ace. 


MAGIC: Suits, controlled by Aces, which determine the flow of the game. Each player can score on Portals of the Magic suit(s) they control.


LIGHT MAGIC: The Suit of Diamonds, controlled by The God of Light, The God of Stars and The God of Fires.  


NATURAL MAGIC: The Suit of Spades, controlled by the God of Worlds, The God of Waters and The God of Life and Death. 


SPIRIT MAGIC: The Suit of Hearts, controlled by The God of Souls, The Gods of Love and The God of Dreams. 


TIME MAGIC: The Suit of Clubs, controlled by The God of Time, The God of Knowledge and The God of Synchronicity. 


MYTHS: Jokers with unique powers that tell the story of the Open Portals universe.


FRACTAL TREE: Transforms into Black Magic (Time or Nature). Cannot support Linked Portals or be used as an already Active Ace.

GREAT MOTHER: Transforms into Red Magic (Light or Spirit). Cannot support Linked Portals  or be used as an already Active Ace.

KAAOS: The Snake Myth, said to represent the state of the universe before time. This is a card of chance and strategy that can harm or heal, with mysterious ties to The Gods of Love. If a player has both Kaaos and The Gods of Love they receive one unplayed Spirit God. If a player only has Kaaos, when The Gods of Love are played this player must forfeit all hearts in their hand to the player with The Gods of Love. 

KUZO: The Mythic Hero, a child made of stars and messenger of the Gods who can be used during the game to override any God action or be used at the end of the game for 3 extra points in the scoring round.


MYTH PORTALS: Portals that match the declared suit of the Fractal Tree or Great Mother. Worth 1 point.


OPEN PORTALS: Portals that match the suit of your Ace. Worth 1 point.


PORTALS: Number cards (2-10). Worth 1 point when playable. Portals are able to be used in triples to steal powerful cards. Worth -1 point if left in your hand at the end of the summoning round. 

TRIPLES: Triples of 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, 9’s, 10’s, or Gods can be played over three turns to steal Trickster Gods, Myths, or swap Magics, overriding all blocks.


2’s - FEAR PORTALS. These are controlled by no God. They do nothing special.


3’s - UNCERTAINTY PORTALS. They are controlled by the Jack of Synchronicity.


4’s -  STRUCTURE PORTALS - Playing three summons the Fractal Tree to your hand.


5’s - CHANGE PORTALS - Playing three gives you the power to swap Aces with any player.


6’s  - ALIGNMENT PORTALS  - Playing three summons the Great Mother to your hand.


7’s - EXCITEMENT PORTALS - Playing three summons the God of Dreams o your hand.


8’s - STRENGTH PORTALS - Playing three summons the God of Fires to your hand.


9’s - ACCEPTANCE PORTALS - Playing three summons the God of Life & Death to your hand.


10’s - VICTORY PORTALS - Playing three summons the God of Synchronicity to your hand.